Flushing Your Sinuses

To flush your own sinuses, you will need a clean nose dropper and saline solution. To make the saline solution, dissolve one tablespoon of ordinary table salt in two cups of water. When you have the nose dropper and the saline solution, follow these instructions:

  1. Lie on your back with your head hanging over the edge of your bed.

  2. Use about one ounce of the saline solution to fill the congested nostril to the brim (if both sides are involved, only flush one side for now and repeat the procedure afterwards on the opposite side).

  3. After filling the nostril, slowly turn your head slightly (about 45 degrees) in the direction of that nostril while still hanging your head over the edge of the bed (as you remain in this position, the solution will run into the sinuses through the small openings in the nasal passageway).

  4. After the solution has seeped into the sinuses, you should be able to add 10 to 20 additional drops while you stay in this position for another two minutes.

  5. After two minutes, bring your head up level to the mattress and lie on your back with the affected sinus toward the ceiling (this position lets the solution drain out the sinuses and down your throat).

  6. As the sinuses drain, you may feel a considerable amount of fluid pass down the back of your throat (this is an excellent sign).

  7. You can help the draining process even more by placing a warm hot water bottle or heating pad (on the low setting) on top of the problem nostril (if you become relaxed to the point of wanting to take a nap, go ahead and do so).

Providing your doctor has no objection, you may want to use this saline solution sinus flush on a daily basis until your condition clears. Even when your sinuses aren't congested, you may use this procedure to keep them clean of inhaled particles.