Attention Practitioners

Attention Practitioners:

See Ag-Therapy: Doctors Desk Reference for detailed treatment protocols for specific infectious diseases.

Because this is a totally non-toxic formula: Nothing at all will occur if you give "any" therapeutic amount (large or small) to a healthy individual.

"But" if the individual has any type of infection, be it bacterial, viral, parasitic, or fungal and especially Candidiasis (yeast); all manner of past symptomatology will manifest itself along with hithertofor unseen symptoms. This is known as a "Jarisch Herxheimer Reaction". The individual will feel worse from the 3rd (third) day of treatment to the 10th (tenth) day of treatment with the Herxheimer gradually lessening from the 5th (fifth) day through the 10th (tenth) day.

This is due "not" to any properties "in the silver antibiotic itself", but "is" due to a response in the tissues (skin, mucous membrane), nervous system, or viscus (internal organs) that is induced in individuals receiving treatment with certain powerful effective Silver products (arsphenamine-silver arsphenamine, silver salvarsan and esp. this very powerful silver product), due to the irritation of the treponemas (micro organisms of disease), or irritation of the protozoans (single celled organisms or an aggregation of nondifferentiated cells loosely held together but not forming tissues) as Sarcodina, Mastigophora, Sporozoa, and Infusoria (Ciliata) = disease organisims by the "early" doses of the remedy that is "greatly" eradicating the disease pathogens in large numbers.

The Herxheimer response can also range from rheumatic pains (profuse perspirations, pains in the muscles, pains in fibrous tissue, painful inflammation and swelling of one or more of the joints, and often endocarditis (inflammation of the lining membrane of the heart involving only the covering membrane of the valves ((valvular endocarditis)), or the general lining of the chambers of the heart ((mural endocarditis)), to febrile disturbances ((fevers))).

This identification of the silver non toxic non direct association or cause of this reaction was named in the honours of Austrian practitioner Adolf Jarisch (1850-1902), and the German practitioner Karl Herxheimer circa 1861, hence the "Jarisch Herxheimer Reaction". The reaction is "not" due to the silver antibiotic, but is due to the reactions the pathogens themselves cause and the symptomatology the pathogens cause as they are being eradicated.

Therefore when you give this formula to a healthy person there is "no reaction at all", and the reason is self explanatory as there are no pathogens to be killed to cause the die off reaction. Therefore once the initial crisis (upon first weeks application of the silver antibiotic) has passed - the die off reactions lessen as long as there is non interrupted continuous application of the antibiotic till the patient is clear of the causative pathogens. Because the silver antibiotic is non toxic: The administration should continue until there is no symptomatology at all. This indicates that the individual is clear of the pathogens and therefore there are no pathogens replicating, and the individual is well. One can also determine that the individual is well if the person is given a pulse therapy (double dosing) of the antibiotic for 15 (fifteen) days and there is no symtomatology or reaction whatsoever evidenced.

Nothing "at all" will occur if you give "any" therapeutic amount (large or small) to a healthy individual, but the Jarisch-HERXHEIMER reaction will occur with infected individuals.

(The Herxheimer can be lessened, and in fact it is strongly advised the individual take 4 ((four)) 8 ((eight)) ounce glasses of steam distilled water at 10 A.M. and another 4 ((four)) 8 ((eight)) ounce glasses of steam distilled water at 3 P.M.. Do not substitute tap water, well water, mineral water, spring water, mountain stream water, reverse osmosis produced water, carbon filtered water, purified water etc., or in short "any" other type of water. If it does not state "Distilled" on the label, then do not use it. Drink only Distilled water for your water needs).

Nothing "at all" will occur if you give "any" therapeutic amount (large or small) to a healthy individual, but the Jarisch-HERXHEIMER reaction will occur with disease infected individuals.

The only exception to all the above information is demanded by jurisprudence: If you have a "diagnosed-confirmed" past allergenic reaction to silver products one should not have silver fillings, use silver rings or silver jewellery, silver plates, silver cutlery, or silver ware, or imbibe any silver products in the first instance.

Silver is:

  1. ) A highly active bactericidal without toxicity to humans.
  2. ) Silver is also a potent inhibitor of HIV protease (Zang, Z.Y., Reardon, I.M., Hui, O., O'connell, K.L., Pooreman, R.A., Tomasselli, A.G.,and Heinrikson, R.L. ((1991)). Biochemistry 30, 8717-8721).
  3. ) Silver is toxic to prokaryotic cells and viruses = not to humans.

Silver kills one celled organisms and therefore no side effects are experienced in humans from a properly formulated for human consumption silver solution. Therefore INVIVE 50 and INVIVE 500 are the perfect non toxic antibacterial/antiviral antibiotics for humans. Order